Tuesday, June 17, 2003

today morning i woke up
and my right eye started throbbing
now it feels like i gotta hold my eye in so it won't pop out of socket.
this feeling is called wonderful *sarcasm insert*
yesterday night hoonie and me saw legally blonde at top of the park ..
no surprises ... he loved it :D altho for a bit of the movie dan flirted
with the girl sitting next to us. i wouldve knocked her out ...
except i dont pick on little 1.4 feet chubby drooly girls.
anyhow i got him back that night with doodles.
sophie wakes up from nightmare and meekly tells dan
dan does not wake.
sophie shakes harder "i had a nightmare!"
dan "aww"
sophie grabs dan's hand
dan falls sleep after the one second of "aww"
sophie stares at dan and hopes for more comfort
sophie has apparently expected too much from sleeping beauty here.
sophie reads for the rest of the night
however it is not so fair that dan sleeps so soundly
in the morning he wakes up with:
arm - one butterfly
finger- heart ring
right leg - "squee gee" "keanu Reeves", hearts, a strawberry, and a cartoon face
right foot - "FART"
victory !
hehe ... winey ...
and kick them finals in the butt so hard they *fart*

Sunday, June 08, 2003

champion champion !
wee these past few weeks have been happily and cozily spent with my newfound love:
a baboon of sorts ... and a silly one at that. could i be any happier at this moment?
hmm if only the summer would get started already ... i hate weather.
michigan skies have a fondness for teasing and crushing hopes of fellow michiganders.
ah an escape would be lobely ... that or hiding under my warm pink covers.
library books and me have become reaquainted once again. book recommendations welcomed.
in my very recent visit i've discovered
(1) library card over one year expired
(2) dvds are borrowable!
(3) ugly framed paintings can also be checked out to ruin rooms
(4) ymca's ghetto homeless also love books and/or loitering and/or warmth
(5) can renew books online
what pleasant surprises :D
altho none as pleasant as finding a minifridge in the middle of the bedroom filled with:
flowers, jones sodapop, glowsticks and a cheesecake!