Saturday, December 24, 2005

the dub yah. bc my lil sis jane is awesome and got an externship at Chicago's W hotel over winter break my family got to stay there with two upgraded complimentary suites. wee! the weather was bitter at 8 degrees then negative 15 degrees the next day. that did not dishearten us from shopping and enjoying the hotel. it was so nice i felt extremely out of place. then she told me that ciara and bow wow plus whole entourage were staying there too! sadly we didnt spot them. so here are some nice pics from the hotel. enjoy & merry christmas eve :D

^the single suite we had looks like the one above ^
now here are some personal pics:
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thats right . future executive :)
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sadly bed i do not miss you bc you are too soft.
jane snored like a grizzly bear :/
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and of course yayy my parents :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

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!! happy Chrismahanukwanszkah !!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

happy ferrreaking 2.5 years

+ +

aww yes yes yes! guess who got me jay chou's latest cd november's chopin. jay chou's movie initial D. plus one of his earlier albums fantasy. sigh. i am a happy happy girl ... o and plus one warlock horse :D THANK YOU A BERRY MUCH winey! (ps these are not the reasons i love you but merely additional reasons to my love for you)(pps omg the fantasy album is wonderous and it made me blush, tear, giggle, laugh, and this too *sigh).

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

.:.:. chiCago .::..:::.
labor day weekend me and the dude went to viist his mom in kenosha WI with christine and travis. Kenosha is only an hour away from chicago and 2 hr by cheapo train. we headed to chicago everyday during the trip. so convenient and the weather was fabulous the entiiire vacation.

after the trainride there was a cabride to breakfast on roscoe st. yumm green eggs & ham! yay rachel ray from the food network ate here too !

wearing traditional outfits while playing asian instruments outside of shedd aquarium. pay close attention. EVERY SINGLE weirdo in this frame is white. errr ?

up above crabs have cute ponytails. my favorite are the two last pics below of the sea purple apples. they do look like a good fruit to eat. i probably would have tasted one if no one had discovered it as a coral . the first pic is a brainy fish. all the goldfishes had bubbles on the head and they were humongous.

while on the water taxi we spotted the chicao police smack down on this "family" stashing crack crack crack cocaine in their offspring's lifejackets . tsk tsk .

water taxi from shedd aquarium ^ to navy pier

^ navy pier .. twas windy in the city ^

dan and me watched the labor day fireworks up high from the ferris wheel at the pier. twas romantic. the first pic down below was taken outside of the planetarium where we had just watched two shows. headed for chinatown afterwards and had the best dinner at Joylee's. we also ate at this super spicy thai restaurant on 11 E. illinois st. i liked the atmosphere and decor very much . chicago and kenosa are a good balance of a beautiful small town by the harbor and the big bountiful city. dan's momma was an incredibly amaaazing hostess and i felt very loved and happy. thank you LEEEEEEE family! hahahha like tai on house makeover show. seriously? i give this trip an A+ . when can i go back?

til next time kids its the end !

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ning, you do good in cali. our ship will never sink my friends :D

Friday, August 12, 2005

arrrugh! just when i thought i had everything wrapped up. loose ends tied and all. it becomes totally unravled and there are lose FRAYED FLYING FREAKING ends at every edge of the goddamn carpet imaginable. and i mean in the fashion of medusa's hair. because they are EVIIIIL FRAYED ENDS. i haaate this crap. i hate nursing school. do i look like a circus monkey itching to jump thru the fire rings!? WELL DO I!? so glad this will be the last year last time. yes never again. everything will be superglued from now on. yes. SO FRUSTRATED with my wasted time. now frayed ends will be nudging me for the whole weekend until i can take care of business come monday. now .. onto wisconsin! moo moo moo. i suck. bye.

Monday, July 18, 2005

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s o u t h * h a v e n

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

today i sent my pop to an early meeting
interned from 8 - 4 30 ~psych is awesome :)
visited my favorite patient afterwards
ate a delicious homecooked meal with hoonie
played with the pup
worked on a mind boggling puzzle
went for a bikeride together in the sunset
gave the pup a bath
and kissed both loves good night.
* life is good to me
& i am much grateful for my own peace of mind.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

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so it all started with jane's & mom decided to make doogie a formal tuxuedo. b/c he's got the jacket down all that was left was a top hat and bowtie to match jane's hot pink dress. since my arts & crafts skill deemed hopeless my mom ended up making the bow tie while i helped with his hat. ta-dahh ! the pup tolerated his new outfit surprinsingly well which confirmed me and dan's suspicions of a metro/homo sexual attitude..its allll right. jane and her date looked lovely for prom while i got to tag along and take pictures at island park. good stuff.

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Alex & Jane

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

happy two years !!! here are pics from olive garden on 4/25 :D

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dan ate some pasta shrimp scampi and i had the mussels . mmm! we went for this reallly good zambonish dessert but its not available until the summer so our waitress suggested another one. the ice cream was SO creamy with the hot blueberry thing . yum yum yum! winey fooorever and ever and ever and ever and ever !

plus happy belated 22nd bday to amy !!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

true story: a mother in the middle of the tsunami carried her infant on one arm and her 5 year old on the other arm. She came across a tree and realized that she had to let one of her children go in order to hold onto the tree and not be swept away in the tsunami. The mother rationalized that the oldest would have a better chance of thriving. so she let go. afterwards the mother found out that her child had been saved by someone and both her babies lived :)

my mom asked my dad what he would do if it was my little sister in one arm and me in the other. and my daddy answered "i would hang on with my legs!"

Saturday, March 19, 2005


i just punched out 3 papers AGAIN!
that is 51 butt sore pages people.


Friday, February 04, 2005

holy mother of pearl
i just whipped out 3 papers in two days
i would like to praise myself for my DEDICATION.
and i would like to thank my editor.
thank-you thank-you indeedy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i will see you tonight bluebutt :)
have a fantabulous birthday.
iii love yoou (NEIGH!)
& happy groundhogs day everyone !
wee i cannot waaait for springtime

Thursday, January 27, 2005

hii boogers :) i come bearing pictures! thanks ting for taking them! these are from my bday ... it was a really good one too. thanks to everyone who came and to hoonie who tried to keep it under wraps. unfortunetly everyone told me about it hehe. i went home in the morning and my mommy cooked so much of my favorite foods and baked a cake. my grandma came over too even tho she had to go really fast to meet her friends at 1pm. haha i thought that was soo cute. jane got me pilates because im chunky, an express shirt because i don't dress sexy enough, necklace, and a cookbook. my parents freaked out when i wore her shirt because it was so low! hahahha. i loved all her presents!! and i esp loooove my little one. can't believe she'll turn 18 so soon :/ for dinner i had hot pot with all my acrews and my love! mmm delicioso. haha i made a drunken speech which i don't really remember. it takes so much concentration to act sober when you're no where near it. err too bad i passed out right after dinner. i had 4 shots! wee. the next week my nursies took me out to mexico town and we ate at this really cute mexican restaurant. then we went to gamble at one of the casinos! will update those pics later. i definetly had a very happy bday. thanks bunches to all who made that possible :D

aww doogie's face is squished between me and dan ^