Thursday, January 27, 2005

hii boogers :) i come bearing pictures! thanks ting for taking them! these are from my bday ... it was a really good one too. thanks to everyone who came and to hoonie who tried to keep it under wraps. unfortunetly everyone told me about it hehe. i went home in the morning and my mommy cooked so much of my favorite foods and baked a cake. my grandma came over too even tho she had to go really fast to meet her friends at 1pm. haha i thought that was soo cute. jane got me pilates because im chunky, an express shirt because i don't dress sexy enough, necklace, and a cookbook. my parents freaked out when i wore her shirt because it was so low! hahahha. i loved all her presents!! and i esp loooove my little one. can't believe she'll turn 18 so soon :/ for dinner i had hot pot with all my acrews and my love! mmm delicioso. haha i made a drunken speech which i don't really remember. it takes so much concentration to act sober when you're no where near it. err too bad i passed out right after dinner. i had 4 shots! wee. the next week my nursies took me out to mexico town and we ate at this really cute mexican restaurant. then we went to gamble at one of the casinos! will update those pics later. i definetly had a very happy bday. thanks bunches to all who made that possible :D

aww doogie's face is squished between me and dan ^