Thursday, September 25, 2003

today i got up from my chair to hug dan ... apparently it was more of an attack because he fell over with surprise. taking me along for the ride. boo! we hit the wooden floor. with twice the force on me. good cushioning eh sweatheart? as if that wasnt reward enough ... he kneed my stomach and then my right boob. and somehow i got punched in the left cheek of my face. coincidently my *other left cheek also got punched by the wood.

boy. whoever said hugs were comforting needs one from danny boy.

lotsa testing these past few weeks. im taking korean 101 & absolutely hate my teacher. it is a cold unfeeling yellow fart monster that needs more than a lay. darnit id give it to it if it werent so needle like. apparently i've been "marked". it calls me out in class everyday. i spend twice as much time doing what it wants compared to the other people. and everyday my blood pressure rises from 1-2pm. to make it even worse im always confused and way too obvious in my facial expressions. i sit there with my mouth half open and drool coming out. not to mention the frustrated involuntary face twiches i make when i think it's going to question me. this actually happened once. i believe i managed to stun and confuse it all at once when it saw my distorted face. ooo it will be more than stunned once it is through with me. im using all my magic powers before an anxiety attack kills them. on a happier note. in my musicology class i got picked to be Poppea and do a scene with a boy! a love scene! hooray for love!! boo for the evil ones that kick kings out and take over empires ;)

Monday, September 15, 2003

. kicking ass & taking names .

rtownsweetie :
you are disliked.

3 years since i first began msn's bejewled
and another100 before i stop.
week 1.5 of cash prize competitions.

addiction : pays
currently : $157.62 stored.
courtesy --> the loosers

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

drops plastic fork on mickey ds floor.
picks up and eats with it.

drops green skittle on floor.
picks up with foot and eats it.


kiss him .

Sunday, September 07, 2003

one of the hotels we stayed at. all the views were gorgeous ... yumm good enough to eat

(1) mom & jane (2) me & jane

(1) Yoho national park (2 + 3) the glaciers we went up on

(1) grandma & dad (2) my stunned grandma & me (3) on our little cruise ship

jane's moose