Friday, April 06, 2007

a short story ..

my patient has not had a bowel movement in a good four to five days. i talked to him about a suppository. he nodded. i came back five minutes later w/ it in hand. i shut the door. i help him turn around (he's got a lot of back pain so was screaming and moaning the entire process). then i inspect his backside and make sure his ulcer is dressed and intact and looking swell. then i grab the suppository and shove it up. and my patient said to me, in screams "WOO OOO WHAT THE HELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE!??!" and i thought to myself .. wow i kinda just raped his anus. and then i felt bad.

later on we discovered he's had significant memory loss in the past week.

note to doc - please assess.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

today i got out of report at 3 30pm and headed back on the unit. discharge pt. admit another. give meds. chart. talk psychobabble. chart. give meds. chart. med teachings. chart. sign careplan w pt. turn pt q2hr. meds again. chart. the next minute i looked up at the clock and it was 10 30 pm!! i gave midnight shift report, sat down first time of the night for greater than 10 minutes to inhale dinner, & saved the peepee for home. then i spent the next six hours making thank-you cards for the awesome surprise engagement party this weekend. and ... now i cannot sleep -_-

ps i think we will register.