Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

happy new year ! we had a cozy get-together at dan's condo. the place was spiced up with decor. doogie was much excited amonst the balloons. you can see him looking at me making a balloon in the first pic. thanks to dan and matt for blowing up allll the balloons. they also invented a contraption to hold balloons at the top of the balcony (to be released at midnight). sadly the balloons got stuck up there and had to be manually released. nice try boys. the drinks robert and roxanna made were sooo good. champagne and guava juice with orange sides. we had tons of food spanning from smoky sausages, chocolate cake, chocolate fruitcake?, chocolate cupcakes, chips, ect. yummy!

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[group] roxanna, rob, dan, steve, matt, and nancy

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[girls] kristen, me, nancy, and roxanna.

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here is everyone playing poker. we bought an entire stash of bottle rockets that made it sound as if guns were going off in the house (you can see the stuff in the first two pics on the table. that whole flask is filled to the brim w bottle rockets). it made a mess. omg. sooo loud, dangerous, and most important - awesome. i thought we were going to light something on fire too. haha somehow rob was forced into the dummy corner while me and kristen grin evily. the dude next to kristen is her bf dana. and they are reading books. boo! i wish i had taken more action pictures during midnight but lots of footage was captured on video. o wells. send to me ppl !

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there were party favors with glowsticks and lots of candy for our guests. muah! hoonie's nose is squished. i hope everyone has a wonderful lucky new year! i know many wonderful things are going to happen this year and it makes me want to pee just thinking about it all!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

goodbye new year, if i shall not wake up tomorrow.
goodbye wisdom teeth, if i do wake up.

(and perhaps i will pass away, never knowing the appropriate places for commas.)

*edit* okaay so all four of my wisdom teeth are sitting on my desk bathing in some peroxide. they are huge. one of them managed to break into 5 parts. its nice having your teeth to look at. like a trophy. my mom has kept all our lost teeth since forever. she is a true collector. and she also has been the best at babying me and treating me like a princess. i have also been held captive in her hands until the third day where it is now appropriate to go out. cept im still on the painkillers and i gotta drive to school soon. hehe. after hearing all the horror stories of wisdom teeth extraction my experience wasn't so bad. i have some poofiness in my cheeks but nothing horrible. and of course the pain is not pleasant but pain killers are wonderful. i started crying before they knocked me out because i was soooo freaked. its too bad they put a telemetry monitor on me .. and the monitor was staring at me in the face. so here i was all strapped in with oxygen up my nose, getting poked, and trying to assess my heart rhythm. hahaha. exactly on the cardiac floor at the u. that mustve been why i freaked. cuz i felt like a freaking patient. my heartbeat went from 118 to 138. then they put me to sleep and all i can remember right before that is the feeling of panic rising and pressing down my chest. then i woke up and now its fun playing around with the stiches all up inside my mouth. all in all i've learned that ive become way desensitized to my patients. i've lost thought and consideration related to their hospital experience. is it the first in their lifetime? because having something stuck up the nose and being connected to IVs, poked, probed, losing control of your body, and being told what to do without really knowing why is a terrible horror. im glad this experience renewed my perspective.