Friday, June 30, 2006

hooray i just planed seashell cosmos in my little front garden ! aren't they just lovely? hopefully they turn out well :D it will be nice to see them grow up as tall as four feet tall. hopefully they will be manageable. at least i will have pretty table flowers. the ones i am growing are going to be a variety of white, peach, red, and pinks interlaced with one another.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hi i need to v*e*n*t.

one of my patients was a 86 yr old female w vascular dementia. she was incredibly confused and oriented only to herself. she was on assault precautions for hitting, slapping, kicking, and pinching staff members. despite her agitation and aggravation she was redirectable on a one to one basis. basically she was fine if someone was there to reorient her and talk to her. and the extent of the injuries on staff as result of her "assaults" were NONE zip zero. WHY!? because she was too goddamn old and fragile to hurt anyone to the extent she wanted to hurt them. throughout the shift there is this one pct who is so freaking self served, demanding, and all knowing. just who does she think she is? she kept on remarking about how this patient needs to be on "something" for her agitation. complaining the whole time to me while we were taking care of her. implying i should get on it and drug up this lady. one of my strongest beliefs regarding the elderly is to refrain from drugging them up. what will that accomplish??!?!?!? they do not deserve that kind of tx. to be shut up and put to sleep. and who knows if the next shift will continue that regimen. NOT FAIR. i had ignored her the entire time she was complaining. later i went back to explain to her my reasoning. oh and this poor pt had a fall the previous shift and i was doing hourly neurochecks as result. giving sedatives while during neurochecks is def counterproductive. and it could mask up even more serious problems that could have resulted in her fall. so what does this pct do?! she challenges me and no matter how hard i push i cannot get her to see my point of view. i was so frustrated at why this woman could not understand that my eyes started tearing up and rage came through my body. what a waste of time and exacerbation on my behalf. and lo ho and behold the pt gets a cat scan that night and she has a subdural bleed. But even that didn't shake the pct belief. i even offered my help WHENEVER and she responds with "well you weren't here and everytime she acts up you're there when she's coming down from it" oh puuuh lease ignorant woman. i was able to take time out of MY schedule and sit with the patient and even sing to her while i charted. i was a pct and i know what a huge workload it is. But the patient was manageable just as long as someone is with her. and there are two techs on my hallway. she is so freaking lazy and thinks she is the shit. plus i dont even think my patient liked her as a caregiver. bc she sucks. i hate her guts. no one ever has gotten under my skin like that in my LIFE. she really pushes my buttons. and i want to push her back. HARD and with a vengence. workplace violence is a reality.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this past weekend me, ting, and amy went to visit sandy in kansas city, missouri !! it was relaxing and loaded with tOOOns of good weather, food (barbeque, pho, dim sum, sushi, fondue, seafood, little italian place, zona rosa, gelato, concrete creamery, my first indian resturant, late night diner, happy hours), shopping, keanu's new movie :D and touristy stuff (the plaza, sandy's workplace cerner, clubbing, pubs, casino & hallmark museum). we ate just about every two hours and def 3 times per day. i have never gorged that much before. thanks for planning our trip sandy! plus we finally got to meet her boyfriend marvin :) we learned about The Plaza which is a really nice shopping place downtown. everyday we went to the plaza and walked around. there were horse rides with lighted pumpkin carriages at night. the fountains lit up too. the plaza was SO clean and buildings reminded me of old italian style. it felt like the ocean was nearby. kansas city is known for its fountains (total 1000) and its famous and delicous barbeques. we ate at this awesome restaurant in a gas station called Oklahoma Joe's. the line was so long we had to wait awhile ... ting nearly passed out. the wait was definetly worth the food. we were so hungry i didn't get to take pics of the food. just LOTS of barbeque on the table. everyone was so nice and took the time to talk to you and find things for you. very hospitable :) i would def go back. thanks to the great hosts sandy, marvin, and kevin ! mainly it was so much fun being with the girls again and having time just for us in order to catch up and make new memories ("umm i just graduated from college") . it rocked.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

just saw the omen and it was stupid. don't waste your money on the stupid boy. they spent so much time getting to the climax that in the end it was anti climatic. plus the annoying music was SO loud and UNnecessary (ie police sirens and motocycle sounds). and seeing julia stiles as a mom didn't really fit. i kept on thinking of save the last dance and her bopping around in leotards w that black dude. mia farrow as the nanny was creepy ... cept i kept on thinking of what happend betwn her and woody allen and the daughter. the movie was very tangential for me overall. i didn't give the movie another thought after i left. and i fell asleep that night. usually scary movies keep me up thinking and scared. the ring was lots better. even ... the grudge. i saw Xmen today and it was pretty good. lots of ppl have been panning this one. i liked it. maybe i just had lowered expectations as a result of all of you complainers. stay seated after the credits are done for the extra scene !

p.s. i am going to missouri, Kansas City to visit sandy next week w ting & amy! hooray ! now where are my overalls and straw hat ...

Monday, June 05, 2006

omg omg omg i cannot waaait ! ! AND its a romance?! be still my heart.

i am so super duper excited to see keanu on the big screen once again. how does he still look so good ?? sigh. on another note: work has been good to me and i have been good to work. it's been hard switching to the evening schedule (3pm - 1130pm). i get home around midnight and stay up until 1 or 2am then wake up again at 9am! eek a man just came on my porch and with the blowing machine. anyways so yesterday night dan and i were chatting about the immigration laws and status of the mexican border with all the illegals. i got so tired that apparently i asked dan how his dad got his citizenship from mexico. and he replied with exclaimation "MY DAD IS NOT A MEXICAN! He looks like a native american indian! ". lol. sometimes when i am tired my thoughts don't coincide with the conversation. i love it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

yesterday night i got to page my first doc at 9pm. and wouldn't you know it he sounded like he had just woken up but was nice to me about it. i said ah-hem "dr ** yes this is sophie you got my page? i am concerned about **'s potassium level it was 5.5 . her blood pressure is up at 152/74 would you like to continue to hold the lisinopril or continue to wait for tomorrow's surg II in the AM?" he said "blahblah" and i said "thank you very much" and he said it back to me too. small stuff but yayy awesome. i wonder what he looks like, im sure i will meet him eventually. this is fun! i've noticed that ppl at work like to spread rumors and talk about others behind their backs. a staff member came up to me and said i hear you're engaged and live in a condo with your fiance but you guys sleep in different rooms. huh? i checked my left fourth finger just to be sure. nope still nothing. i got the "when are you going to be married" question twice yesterday one from grandma and one from work. its so weird. next will be "where are the babies". then "how are the babies doing" then ... did you get your plot yet? aha. life.