Thursday, December 11, 2003

dan and me have this habit about talking about our olden days at logan elementary ( hooray logan leopards! ). we've come up with a lot of old songs we used to sing. but today he mentioned this one that i've completely lost. and now i am happy have it again. its such a sad story about one tin soldier by peter, paul, & mary. or at least they sang this song. it was a lot better when my music class sang tho :p i remember being soOo depressed as a little kid whenever we sang this. and i thought i'd share because its got a nice message for the season anyways ... so grab a tissue and enjoy <3

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Listen people to a story
that was written long ago,
'bout a kingdom on a mountain
And the valley folks below.
On the mountain was a treasure
Hidden deep beneath a stone,
And the valley people swore
They'd have it for their very own.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven,
you can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing,
come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after...
One Tin Soldier rides away.

So the people of the valley
sent a message up the hill,
Asking for the buried treasure
Tons of gold for which they'd kill.
Came the answer from the kingdom,
With our brothers we will share,
All the riches of the mountain,
All the treasure buried there.

Now the valley cried with anger,
Mount your horses, draw your swords
And they killed the mountain people,
So they won their just rewards
Now they stood before the treasure
On the mountain dark and red
Turned the stone and looked beneath it ...
Peace On Earth, was all it said.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat and friend,
Do it in the name of heaven,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after ...

One Tin Soldier rides away.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

myTyTbren: i remember that song
: i was always pissed that there was no actual tressure

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

oOo these boots are soOo nice - >
sigh. if only i had the legs for them.
and places to wear them to !!
stole this pic from victoria's secret :D

had my music final today it went good.
i got all the songs right !! its a really
fun & easy course if anyone's looking
for a blowoff class : musicology 341.
ning's taking it next semester too !

had my last class ever of korean today !!!
no more self esteem popping teacher.
i swear she is still the devil.
i spit on her ! hah ! korean final on friday
then anatomy & physiology final on mon.
i spit on that too. patooie .

especially looking forward to :

the snow ?
somethings gotta give 12th
^ k e a n u
lotr 17th
build & decorate plastic tree
snowboarding 19 - 24
after christmas shopping
a happy new 2004th year
harry potter & the prisoner of Azkaban june 4th

and somewhere inbetween sqeeze in
a roadtrip for more shopping and eats !

mm delicious :D

Monday, December 08, 2003

. grr .
its so frustrating when boys have the pms.
god should not allow this. actually he doesnt.
i admit to my heinous moodswings ...
but its double the trouble when its happening at
the same time with your boy/girl ...
almost like a
bloodbath i would say.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

h a p py 21st bir t h d ay piper hubber !

let it
r o l l

Monday, November 17, 2003

wow all of my november posts are gone .. all two of them anyways. one of the posts was awful enough for potatoe and i to get into a fight over. in a fit of rage he stormed off and i deleted every single one of my entries .. or so i thought. turns out most of them were saved in some secret hideaway .. all but the november ones. and those are def. gone for ... well ever. anyways ...
this potatoe dedicated many hours to my blogs and just helping me out. especially with figuring out all the codes. even during the middle of some hardcore studying he'll stop and help. in the summertime he sat around for a couple hours just to get me started. i hadnt realized all his hardwork until he showed me what he had been up to. needless to say ... after i had furiously deleted everything from blogger he still sat up patiently with me to help and give advice.
you are my hero potatoe
wanted to let you know that i do appreciate & most of all thank you. and just to be absolutely clear. you are my hero in so many more ways. i just decided to write about this way for today.
w adfadfadfasdf iadfadfkjadf nadfljadkflajdadfaklfjald eadfjakldfjald y

Saturday, October 25, 2003

hi boogies
tonite i went up to windsor for dinner with my mom & dad, little sis, grandmama and hoonie. goodness it took forever with my dad's super defensive driving ( max on freeway 55 mph ) me and hoonie took the back of the van. it was so bumpy. too bad he forgot to pee at my house so was complaining the whooole way until he ran desperately into a tim hortons. i was scared he was gonna throw up and pee at the same time. we pulled up into Jade restaurant ... and my dad noticed the parking lot filled with benzes and one very cute black nissan maxima. odd. we walked in and everyone was super dressed up. o us? we wore sweatshirts and sandals. my grandma was the only one who would've been able to sneak into the wedding and get some free food. she was wearing this really formal traditional chinese jacket. old people's wear i suppose. the entire restaurant was reserved tonite ! so instead we went to the ever popular dim sum place where practically everyone goes. then the bakery to get some taro buns ! im def saving those for some bfast. we were starved but dinner was super. i had my favorite fatty dish. and then more fatty ones. and then the delicious almond jell-o dessert. dro -oo- ol. hoonie gave me a new nickname even !! it is so special .. wait til you hear ! !

really overweight cow

wow thanx sweatheart !! -10 smoochies for you. tonite was special because it was our sixth month anniversary. but what topped it all off was that i got to spend it with all the people i love instead of just one. many classic moments to be remembered ... but the number one:

my dad is hardcore uofm football fan. plus a genius engineer. he stuck our M flag on his driver's window side. when we got to the tollboth he opened the window to throw in coins. of course the flag fell the other way to the ground. so he had to open the door and get out to retrieve the flag. mind you there are a billion cars behind us. "oops !" says he and gets back in the car with a sheepy like grin.

ooo jeez.
me, my mom, and jane all roll our eyes.
grandma is knocked out.
and hoonie has a fit of laughter.

afterwards we went to catch THE SCHOOL OF ROCK and it was definetly one of those feel good movies. i really loved it !! GOOOOO SEEE JAACK BLAAACK and the kiddies of course. if i had ten thumbs i'd put them all up. if you havent heard tenacious d then you must try out a few songs .. they're incredibly funny. they're one of the biggest goofball underdogs i've ever seen :D when i grow up i want to be as cool as jack. cant wait to get the dvd weee !!

Monday, October 20, 2003

its not everyday you get proposed to !

cutting across the grass on the diag since it was unbelievably breathtaking with the multicolored leaves, sun rays shining through the trees, and the warm warm autumn breeze.

so wonderful.

when the sidewalk was finally reached i raised my eyes from the fallen leaves and met another set of eyes strangely close to mine. it was an older middleaged man (hobo?! i couldnt really tell but assumed so).
weirded out?
hm YES.
man + his grin "you're looking around 19 yrs old am i right?"
me (woowoo i dont look 12 ! but still weirded out) "um yea" then i turn around and began to step away
man yells " WILL YOU MARRY ME? "
me *run away run awayee

onlookers * stare stare stare

unforgettable. thanks mister hobo for making my first incredibly special.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

thursday nite f . r . i . e . n . d . s

i went over to di's huge place for milk + cookies + thursday night tv. we couldnt wait for it to start !
it was so cozy to be ~*SoDi*~ once more. her pink apt was very cute.
the wonderful cookie smell from the oven made us hungry. so we decided on the remote as appetizer.

hmph. the remotes didnt appeal to our appetite .. we got a bit beachy at one another.
so we brought it. ooo it was on.
after the fight we got to thinking maybe it wasnt such a smart idea in the first place. but i thought harder.

aww look what she gave me to make up ..
what a sweetheart ! i totally was not expecting such a grand gesture.
we decided on a hug to make up.

we both realized with our big eyes
that we had acted like monkeys
so we all sat down with cookies + milk to continue our tv adventures
there's our photographer christine !!!! thanx girls :D it was an incredibly silly shoot

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

hi homies
hope everyone squished lotsa fun into your fall breaks ! !
i managed a one day trip to chicago. it was pretty fun altho
traffic was horrible and made my bum hurt. we woulda stayed the
night but that 4000 ppl marathon worldwide took up all the beds in the city.
hopefully i'll get to ride on the horse carrige in the wintertime !
the bathroom buckets attached to the horses were pretty clever.
i should get one for *someone.

this is all the wonderful construction we got stuck with.
dan was like a fried tomato because it was so sunny.
so he had to drive with his back off the seat to cool off. he got a tad wrinkly.
then the heavens said that we would make it after all ... thank god !
of course then we were met with traffic into the city. what a tease.

i got to visit the water tower palace place. but got there at 7pm so
i got fcucked by french connection. closing time. boo.
their shirts are adorable.
dan "excuse me, do you know where the french connection store is?"
big security guard "oh .. no sorry ... o waait those fcuk shirts ! "

huge fountain by the museums right by the very pretty sunset water
it was fun just strolling outside by the water and then downtown.
we discovered a Sofitel hotel ! one of the nicest hotels i've ever
walked in ... i felt stupid in my attire. but yea! thats my kind of hotel ;)
the name jingles :D
note to dress way way up next time .. and sleep in a sophietel bed.
one besides my own .. tee!

us at the water tower shopping palace place .. or whatever. i liked the spitting fountains!
it looked like glass vases if you look closer .. kinda neat

okie so we went to the famous cheesecake factory. and boy. i didnt
realize it was so famous. waited 2+ hours before we got
seated. everyone who was waiting looked like they'd literally kill for a cheesecake.
the restaurant reminded me of poofy cheese balls exploding.
i saw a woman with the most bootylicious butt i've ever ever seen.
it was incredible. the cheesecake i meant !

dont think he's ever been so happy
i sure got a new yorky feeling from chicago.
but i got the best feeling from being with dan
and the cheesecake.
sorrie we got greedy kristen :( i promise next time i'll make it up to you!!!

ps we also went to wiards and picked apples .. but thats another story for another time .. phew good bye !

Thursday, September 25, 2003

today i got up from my chair to hug dan ... apparently it was more of an attack because he fell over with surprise. taking me along for the ride. boo! we hit the wooden floor. with twice the force on me. good cushioning eh sweatheart? as if that wasnt reward enough ... he kneed my stomach and then my right boob. and somehow i got punched in the left cheek of my face. coincidently my *other left cheek also got punched by the wood.

boy. whoever said hugs were comforting needs one from danny boy.

lotsa testing these past few weeks. im taking korean 101 & absolutely hate my teacher. it is a cold unfeeling yellow fart monster that needs more than a lay. darnit id give it to it if it werent so needle like. apparently i've been "marked". it calls me out in class everyday. i spend twice as much time doing what it wants compared to the other people. and everyday my blood pressure rises from 1-2pm. to make it even worse im always confused and way too obvious in my facial expressions. i sit there with my mouth half open and drool coming out. not to mention the frustrated involuntary face twiches i make when i think it's going to question me. this actually happened once. i believe i managed to stun and confuse it all at once when it saw my distorted face. ooo it will be more than stunned once it is through with me. im using all my magic powers before an anxiety attack kills them. on a happier note. in my musicology class i got picked to be Poppea and do a scene with a boy! a love scene! hooray for love!! boo for the evil ones that kick kings out and take over empires ;)

Monday, September 15, 2003

. kicking ass & taking names .

rtownsweetie :
you are disliked.

3 years since i first began msn's bejewled
and another100 before i stop.
week 1.5 of cash prize competitions.

addiction : pays
currently : $157.62 stored.
courtesy --> the loosers

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

drops plastic fork on mickey ds floor.
picks up and eats with it.

drops green skittle on floor.
picks up with foot and eats it.


kiss him .

Sunday, September 07, 2003

one of the hotels we stayed at. all the views were gorgeous ... yumm good enough to eat

(1) mom & jane (2) me & jane

(1) Yoho national park (2 + 3) the glaciers we went up on

(1) grandma & dad (2) my stunned grandma & me (3) on our little cruise ship

jane's moose

Saturday, August 09, 2003

i dunno whether to pass out from tiredness
or from being so nicely shocked by this city/provident/whatever!
its just so nice here and everythings beautiful! i cant take my
eyes off the scenery ... at night there're lights everywhere!
we're riding in the sky with shooting stars by our side.
today i'll just cut it short and update later with loads of pics!
capilan suspension bridge - felt like an ant

chinatown - bums everywhere. strangely i felt at home.
stanely park - goodness. i love it. beaches.
huge pool with the mountains and ocean as backdrop.
aquarium. long booty slide in the middle of the ocean u swim to.
night market - hellooo taiwan ... cept jane and me couldnt bargain for poo
shop shop shop at richmond mall

met up w curtis and had a blast catching up
nostalgia = cured

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

heads up !

seeing the best of vancouver and whatever else canadia has to offer ...
but vancouver wont be seeing the best of michigan :*(
i miss my lovepimple so bad ... already!
during our lunchtime this wave of homesickness struck me. and i was
really confused because my whole family plus grandma in tow are all
with me on this trip. then i realized the one person who makes it home
for me anywhere everyday ... i love you dan <3>province.
we ate at a lil restaurant called taipei tokyo <- hm or was it the other way around? my mom's friend (my auntie) filled us up with boats of sushi, sushimi, handrolls, unmentionables, and these fried tofu cubes you dunk into spice sauce .. its like stinky tofu cept w/out the stinky! i can sense disappointment from those of you let down with the missing smell :p so this auntie of mine is apparently blessedly talented .. she makes these gorgeous pictures out of flowers. she shapes flowers and leaves into a tiger or a picture of fishes underwater ... whatever she feels like making a painting of. we just gasped and drooled. and only to drool more over her cooking. she even makes her own wine! you get the gist of it. i feel like im in taiwan all over again! its wonderful ... jane is also disoriented. so many fobby asians! hahaha. and they all dye their 5 year old kiddie's hair. is this a new fad? hm. it most def. makes them look half. my auntie's two little boys i saw two yrs ago in taiwan ... have grown so much. the oldest one opened his mouth and this low rumbling of a syllable came out. i nearly fell over. they're both super nice tho and finally out of the shell! no more antisocialness! def trying to go surfing for the life of me. hehe and now i will go join the wine festivities! boobies

Sunday, August 03, 2003

some experiences ::rainfalls::bedrooms::moments live within each taken breath.
lately ive been hit with a feeling that has become so difficult to describe.
hmm i suppose the closest explaination and solution --> one time machine please.
in an effort to live and live again ...
every summer for the rest of my life ...
will i continue to have this desperate longing and nostalgia for the past?
loveboat was supposed to be only and just one
shallow happy fickle summertime in taiwan ..
in countless ways it was ...
but not enough to outweigh the once in a lifetime memories shared.
people from all over the many states + our one world.
there are priceless hours i would do twice over
and many others erase altogether.
then there are those moments forever cherished in thought.
one year later and i stay up to wonder
why it is beginning now to actually hurt not to be where i was just a short yesterday ago?

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

so i was all excited when i signed up for my tmobile text message joke of the week. at 8am i was woken up with this:

when satan loses his hair there will be hell toupee

what a nice way to start off the day ... cept i read it as "saturn" because it was so early in the morning ... so i spent the rest of the day and almost half of the next wondering where the funny was. heh. at least i laughed a couple hundred hours later.

on another note... i want to surf soOo bad ... i've always loved the ocean and feel of the beach.
and to ride on the water like a maniac ... in aa my bathtubs good to go :/ i hate our lakes for not having big waves to die in ... whats so great about them anyways. you cant even eat the fish. i envy all who've had the chance to ride the waves ... it must be amazing. anyone up for lessons?

Sunday, July 27, 2003

i have reunited with red bean ice cream ! life is great.
to those of yous on the way back to our lil island
you must must must eat a whole chunk enough to barf for mee :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

today morning i woke up
and my right eye started throbbing
now it feels like i gotta hold my eye in so it won't pop out of socket.
this feeling is called wonderful *sarcasm insert*
yesterday night hoonie and me saw legally blonde at top of the park ..
no surprises ... he loved it :D altho for a bit of the movie dan flirted
with the girl sitting next to us. i wouldve knocked her out ...
except i dont pick on little 1.4 feet chubby drooly girls.
anyhow i got him back that night with doodles.
sophie wakes up from nightmare and meekly tells dan
dan does not wake.
sophie shakes harder "i had a nightmare!"
dan "aww"
sophie grabs dan's hand
dan falls sleep after the one second of "aww"
sophie stares at dan and hopes for more comfort
sophie has apparently expected too much from sleeping beauty here.
sophie reads for the rest of the night
however it is not so fair that dan sleeps so soundly
in the morning he wakes up with:
arm - one butterfly
finger- heart ring
right leg - "squee gee" "keanu Reeves", hearts, a strawberry, and a cartoon face
right foot - "FART"
victory !
hehe ... winey ...
and kick them finals in the butt so hard they *fart*

Sunday, June 08, 2003

champion champion !
wee these past few weeks have been happily and cozily spent with my newfound love:
a baboon of sorts ... and a silly one at that. could i be any happier at this moment?
hmm if only the summer would get started already ... i hate weather.
michigan skies have a fondness for teasing and crushing hopes of fellow michiganders.
ah an escape would be lobely ... that or hiding under my warm pink covers.
library books and me have become reaquainted once again. book recommendations welcomed.
in my very recent visit i've discovered
(1) library card over one year expired
(2) dvds are borrowable!
(3) ugly framed paintings can also be checked out to ruin rooms
(4) ymca's ghetto homeless also love books and/or loitering and/or warmth
(5) can renew books online
what pleasant surprises :D
altho none as pleasant as finding a minifridge in the middle of the bedroom filled with:
flowers, jones sodapop, glowsticks and a cheesecake!