Monday, December 13, 2004

pheee ew. ebay fiasco no more :)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

omg omg on ebay i just bidded on the same thing 4 times and they're all different sellers !!!! so im going to get four of the same freaking bags. i am so upset . somebody puh lease outbid me ... aaaah . i am so awwfully demented .

today i went to this gospel choir at rackem to see my friend perform . it was a neat experience . just like watching a scene out of the movies. everyone got so into it and was jumping up and down yelling "AAAAMEN and HALLELUJIEH" the whoole time. practically everyone was up and dancing/singing to the music. the preacher and choir were having spasms. it was overwhelming. it looked like my friend was about to burst into tears half the time she was singing. i have never expereinced anything like this before. totally different from my past church experiences. then afterwards went to see ocean's 12 and it was incredibly entertaining. love love love. then during the previews i got to watch keanu reeves in Constantine. soo excited for that movie !! dont forget it comes out on feb 5 2005 !!! here's natasha singing away :

Sunday, October 31, 2004

h a p p y h a l l o wee n

this year i enjoyed my halloween at the erebus haunted house in pontiac.
it was worth the ride and maybe even the seventeen bucks ! i know we ALL
got scared :) puaahha. boys are too brave i think. next time i will remind
me to work out beforehand so my fat does not get grabbed too hard again.

everyone be fun & safe !

Saturday, September 11, 2004

{ peas on earth }

my dentist moved into foxfire !
first my mouth then my neighborhood ..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

email i received a couple days ago :

Dear undergraduate student nurses,
On August 11, 2004 at 1:03 am, one of the OAA staff received a very disturbing telephone message that included expletives and derogatory language related to the health requirements. The content of the message is being viewed as telephone harassment and as such, the call was reported to the University of Michigan’s Department of Public Safety. The originating telephone call and message have been recorded by the Police Officer from the Department of Public Safety and is being further investigated. Under the Professional ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA Code, 2001, p. 9), telephone harassment is a recognized violation. Please see the statement below. “Violation of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses is unacceptable. Nursing students are expected to maintain compassionate and caring relationships with colleagues and others with a commitment to the fair treatment of individuals, to integrity-preserving compromise, and to resolving conflict…This standard of conduct precludes any and all prejudicial actions, any form of harassment or threatening behavior, or disregard for the effect of one’s actions on others” (ANA Code, 2001, p.9).” A violation of the ANA Code of Ethics is a possible reason for suspension from the University of Michigan School of Nursing and the University of Michigan-at-large.

our health requirements need to be in by aug 2 yearly. if just one piece of info is missing or left out they automatically disenroll student in ALL nursing classes and block student from registering for classes again. so student has to wait it out until the next year to continue in any nursing classes. no love . i swear all the counselors and staff are in the menapausal peroid of their lives. motto : be on top of your shit . school of nursing left a poor person out to rot for awhile :(

ps keanu has a new movie coming out "constantine" !! its a horror flick and he's a supernatural detective! can't wait ! ! everyone come out to support his brillant acting and beautifulness feb 5 2005!

Friday, August 13, 2004

yayee dan sent me some pictures he took! these are from the secret garden of sigfried and roy with all the lazy animals. grr he didnt send me the dolphins yet! sorry i got real lazy with resizing.

this is the fountain of eternity. they had a buddha statue in a little hut here. so you're supposed to touch the fountain for good health.

and here is the wishing tree. do you see the buddha behind me?

someone mocking me. see it see it?

the punk tigers taking afternoon naps.

and finally. a beautiful view of the vegas strip from our window!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

wowww vegas was such fun! my feet felt like they were going to fall off at any minute but walking the 4 mile strip everyday was worth every step. the hotels views and casinos are amazing. there's so much to do and cover that we didnt even get to finish !! weather the whole week was up in the 100s. but there were plenty of air conditioned places for escape. who knew deserts could be paradise? i took like 300+ pics when i was there so there is no way all of them are going up .. here are a few of the best! im going to be adding more along the way too!

here is our lovely treasure island hotel.

our room had the best view of the strip and our pool! this is at daytime. i'll upload the night one when i get it from dan. each late night we would pull up our overstuffed chairs with a bag of candy and munch in front of the window with vegas at our feet . this town lights up.

here is a blue man from the blueman group. the show was like a huge rave. nothing like what i had expected. i loooved it. the blue guys were really funny. and during one part of the show they wasted like 10,000 rolls of toilet paper. all in good fun :D in the pic dan is touching the dude's blowhole in his chest. he was puking crap (twinkies?) from that during the show !

the second pic is of the afternoon magic show. there's mac king! dan liked his show a lot. i liked his invisible act. it was pretty cute. i would like a yellow raincoat. we missed the sunday show of penn & teller this time. but not next!

the shark reef at mandalay bay. you can see sharks swimming behind us! this hotel is ridiculous. its like another resort in itself. they import sand for this humongo pool. a windy lazy river was built too so that you can go tubbing. i think this is my favorite pic of the whole trip. dan looks so cute when he's surprised. i love that. o and the police baton im holding was used to keep people in check.

we bumped into tiger woods and dan gave him some of his pro golf tips. dont mind the fake people background.

at madame tussauds wax museum . me with a chubby but a few more years later obese elvis.

jlo's cheeks actually blush and turn red when you touch her butt! how cheeky.

look at this geek

this is what lemonade stands were like back in roman times. mmm such good lemonade!

caesars palace

in front of caesar's pool. there was a *special one off to the side for topless tanning.


across from paris hotel is the bellagio. the water shows are really amazing. one of the songs they play is "how wonderful life is" by elton john. that was the best. elton john was in vegas too! he calls himself "the bitch". hahah. his store is funny. everything is about being a bitch and having "bitch" on all the clothes. we missed robin williams by two days! im so sad about that. next time im going to vegas for the stars! hopefully jay chow comes back!

the luxor


this bum fell asleep in front of his slot. his drink is still on the machine.

here is our pool! it was sweet with all the palm trees. thats all you looked at when you tan. it felt like hawaii.

(1)here is a strike in front of the aladdin hotel . it was boiling hot. they must have really been pissed. the aladdin's spice market buffet is #1 in all vegas. pretty expensive but well worth the food. hot king crab was delicious. and all the tarts and cheesecakes and ice creams i stuffed into my tummy. mmm. dan wanted to walk through the 0.5 mile buffet and take pics of all the food. that might have been a tad obsessive.
(2)MY aviators .
(3)me and the big fish aquarium in caesars

it rained in the desert! the roads and sidewalks became so slick with oil that i couldnt even walk around in my flip flops. dan had to drag me around on his arm for a whole block. thanks sweatie! behind him is the monte carlo.

i know this is blurry but its this japanese restaurante in the mirage where you can eat and have jellyfish swimming in front of you! we ate at this other japanese resturante in the mirage. the whole inside was like outside of japan at night. they painted mount fuji on one huge wall and the ceiling was lighted up with stars. they had huge bonzai trees set up too. so you felt like you were outside. there was also a fake river and bridge by our table.

we also went to the secrete garden of sigfried and roy. there were white tigers and elephants and dolphins! we watched a videotaped birth of one of the babes. all the animals were taking their afternoon naps so that was annoying. im going to get the pics from dan later! it was one of the best vacations i've ever had and i cant wait for the next one! hopefully we plan one where everyone makes it this time!

"after a vacation you need another vacation" - mom

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

25th makes 15 <3
i, i'm so in love with you, whatever you want to do,
is all right with me
'Cause you, make me feel so brand new
and I want to spend my life with you

since, since we've been together, loving you forever
is what I need
let me be the one you come running to
i'll never be untrue, Oh baby

let's, let's stay together, lovin' you whether, whether
times are good or bad, happy or sad

why, why some people break up
then turn around and make up
i just can't see

you'd never do that to me (would you, baby)
staying around you is all i see

let's, we oughta stay together, loving you whether, whether
times are good or bad, happy or sad

- al

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

playing b i g time from aug 1st - 5th

so excited to spoil myself ! the pool at treasure island is in this really neat shape surrounded w green palm trees. i'll have to take a picture. hmm summers been good to me so far. but its going to treat me real nice in the next couple weeks! caaan't wait. learning a lot at st joseph and training to be a techie. sometimes awesome ppl will offer me money to escape. i have not been a partner in crime. yet. i am filled with so many hospital stories. just ask :D drama, comedy, horror, romance, tragedy, suspense, and many nudities. its a kick. i drew my first blood today! felt goood. mmm vampire good. my partner had the biggest most wonderful spongy veins ever. so i must thank julie generously! moving on ... doogie's been a really sweet puppy to me and my family. i love him so much! thursday will be his first vet appointment for his rabies shot. plus i think he might be going blind because there's this brown stuff around the pupils of one eye. it'd be sorta cool to have a blind puppy. but i still wish for the best. going to the art fair today !! bah its so hot and humid. i hope everyone is alive, well, and happy :)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

i feel like ddr bunny

doing great in all my classes
but all it takes is that one class
the one step ...
to mess it all up.

thank you pharmacology.

during clinicals at the V.A. hospital everyone realizes how wonderful we have it. just to be able to walk around without gasping for breath or confined to a bed and being able to enjoy a nice hot shower without freaking out about falling and cracking your head open or not having full range of motions to even brush your own stinking teeth. its really nice well not ... nice .. hm .. but lucky that i have this reminder so often. its definetly going into good use. nothing finishes off your day better when your patient compliments on how well you cared for them and that someday a great nurse is going to be the end result :D but not until i conquer the world of pharm !!! o i'll be working at St. Joseph for the summertime! so if you happen to be there i hope it's just to visit me :) free bandaids & cottonballs for you !
gluck on finals !!!!
especially but not limited to my nursing ladies <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

today when i tried to buy some barley chicken soup at zoup!
i got carded for having a credit card ...
"wow i didn't think you were that old. you seriously look like 12."
well i couldnt tell if the cashier was a guy or girl. so screw you!
i was wearing literally scrubs because we had just got back
from the hospital. whyee would i be a 12 year old wearing scrubs?!
yea. reverse those numbers mister.
you d o p e.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

04.09.04 ~ happy 22nd daniel :D the night before his actual bday we surprised him w a pre birthday dinner @ outback then went to rick's to celebrate . thanx for all the free drinks ting & yosuke !!
joanna : dan : steve : hong-fei : matt : yosuke : atsushi ben : me

the next night we went out to dinner at gratzi's .
it was soo crowded from easter but we got a booth seating yayee !
my dinner had a pine tree in it ...

i loooove yoooou byunhoonie<3

im so lucky to be able to celebrate
your birthday with you
for the second time around :D