Saturday, March 31, 2007

*cheese alert.
a hop a skip and a jump ! my dreams have come true !!
On feb 24th my hoonie made a proposal i could not refuse. w/ a yes we dashed off to Chophouse in celebration w a dinner & dessert. after almost four years we have come full circle from our first date at Chophouse. And i must admit i barely remember those butterflies and preparing for our first date. i barely remember what hoonie wore. i barely remember what kind of flowers he gave. i don't remember what we even said to each other that night.
i do remember fully our first kiss. and i mean that true kiss. i remember after a short two months how i realized i was in love. i remember how fast it was, but how right everything seemed to fall into place. i remember the raw hurt & sorrow we shared w one another. and i remember how we healed together. it's amazing what can come of death. and what can come of love and hope. i am eager to see what will come from the two of us one day.
most of all, i am ready to remember and reminisce and to create so many more memories w/ you. for the rest of my life. for the rest of your life. love ya endlessly.