Monday, November 17, 2003

wow all of my november posts are gone .. all two of them anyways. one of the posts was awful enough for potatoe and i to get into a fight over. in a fit of rage he stormed off and i deleted every single one of my entries .. or so i thought. turns out most of them were saved in some secret hideaway .. all but the november ones. and those are def. gone for ... well ever. anyways ...
this potatoe dedicated many hours to my blogs and just helping me out. especially with figuring out all the codes. even during the middle of some hardcore studying he'll stop and help. in the summertime he sat around for a couple hours just to get me started. i hadnt realized all his hardwork until he showed me what he had been up to. needless to say ... after i had furiously deleted everything from blogger he still sat up patiently with me to help and give advice.
you are my hero potatoe
wanted to let you know that i do appreciate & most of all thank you. and just to be absolutely clear. you are my hero in so many more ways. i just decided to write about this way for today.
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