Monday, December 13, 2004

pheee ew. ebay fiasco no more :)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

omg omg on ebay i just bidded on the same thing 4 times and they're all different sellers !!!! so im going to get four of the same freaking bags. i am so upset . somebody puh lease outbid me ... aaaah . i am so awwfully demented .

today i went to this gospel choir at rackem to see my friend perform . it was a neat experience . just like watching a scene out of the movies. everyone got so into it and was jumping up and down yelling "AAAAMEN and HALLELUJIEH" the whoole time. practically everyone was up and dancing/singing to the music. the preacher and choir were having spasms. it was overwhelming. it looked like my friend was about to burst into tears half the time she was singing. i have never expereinced anything like this before. totally different from my past church experiences. then afterwards went to see ocean's 12 and it was incredibly entertaining. love love love. then during the previews i got to watch keanu reeves in Constantine. soo excited for that movie !! dont forget it comes out on feb 5 2005 !!! here's natasha singing away :