Thursday, May 25, 2006

why is it so important to find this j. hoffa. esp since after we spend two weeks (at least) of labor and tax payers' money he is just going back to where we found him: the ground. so my hard earned money (and i can actually make this comment since i actually wooork!) goes back into burying hoffa again. all i'm saying is when they dig up the corpse it better be a good show with lots of unexpected surprises ... like extra bodies or a treasure chest full of invaluable ganster stuff or a cure for cancer. SOMETHING then just rotted skin and overgrown headhair and finger/toe nails. and there better be a picture of it too. hmph.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Nursing school at the UofM (woot top 3 in the nation )
has been a wonderful and life threatening roller coaster.
Goodbye and God bless.

^at the michigan league with grandma for the reception after the ceremony
^laura. me. & tasha. natasha's huuuge family is taking up the entire background. sheesh.
^a2 is theee best
^ after this picture laura fell flat on her face in front of the hill auditorium stairs and then we had to rush her bloody face to the uofm hospital ... psych ;) this is my most favorite picture of the two of us. confused and stumbling through life.
^ my dad never walked for his masters at UofM so i offered him my hat. how academic !

sigh :*)