Wednesday, January 28, 2004

hi. my name is moo
and this is me before i became big fatty cow

he's adorable & still the best moo i could ever
ask for :D we spent many summer mornings
watching tlc shows back to back : a personal
story, a makeover story, a baby story, and
a wedding story. he likes to exercise on the
roof of walnut and eat the spikes of grass
growing inbetween cracks. he also likes pina
coladas and dancing in the rain <3>paper
pathophys paper
pharmacology exam
pathophysiology exam
clinical calculations exam
writing it all down just makes me want to gag. so i'll write about something nice :) -->

this past saturday we had a big group of "alternative lunar". we ate at macoroni & grill where it was very romantic with the singing opera lady for bday persons. mmm our food was real creamy good and had a strawberry zamboni sounding dessert. that was g r e a t . i had fun playing MASH again hahaha :X afterwards we headed over to a jazz club : Good Night Gracie's. As soon as i walked in it reminded me of this other jazz club in new york .. kavehaz. i liked the atmosphere a lot though not the smoke ! it was pretty crowded so that kind of made it hard for everyone to really sit down and talk. drinks were soOo expensive. i paid $18 for emerald city and a white russian. geez !! the saxophone man was very saxy so i didnt really mind. there was also this singer who made jazzy "ba ba boop" sounds w his vocal chords. very impressive. i also had a personal singer who sat to the left of me. he sang the intro to the african lion king song. also impressive. afterwards kristen, hongfei, ting, and brendan, and me went over to dan's to watch finding nemo. i was so tired i fell asleep and woke up to someone scaring the poop out of me. ahem . overall i had a nice time and now i wish i had remembered my camera.
for the actual new year i went home with dan to eat some delicious hot pot. he was a little apprehensive at seeing the sah joung mien sauce (plus the raw egg) but loved it in the end ! yayee ! after dinner we watched the apprentice and american idol with jane ... boy the shows i'm missing out on :*( before we left i got my red envelope and my parents actually gave dan one too ! haha he had to bow for it ! ahahhaha ! i didnt ! ahahha . but i think i did a semi bow thing ? hm alrighty. i'll shut up after one more line ...

h a p p y chinese n e w year y'all . be happy and prosper a lot :D

the end

Sunday, January 25, 2004




is that an airplane nearby, or just my heart taking off?

Saturday, January 17, 2004

ahahha i thought this was so cute !! what an idiot ...
and i was actually that close from buying her new cd too .
bet she did it for a publicity stunt just to get more attention.
boo. that really annoys me .

*e d i t
during the blackout tonite i called my dad to see if we
had lucked out at home ... nope . so dinner plans at
home were foiled :*( this was our conversation
around 6 30 pm :

dad: there's no food & electricity here either.
me: okay i'll come home tomorrow for dinner instead
me: there's nothing to do . i have no food and i hungry ..
dad: go to sleep .

haha. then he suggested i go out for some dinner. hee.
mmm mudslide @applebee's is really tasteee !!
me and dan both got carded ! suurprise !!

the end <3

Friday, January 09, 2004

things for free on yesterday:
stucchi's mint ice cream
fried calamari
caesar salad (entwined w a gross raw fish)
lobster pasta
strawberry daiquiri
kisses (usually i pay for these hee kidding)
here's a pic of dan and me before we headed out for the night. eating at real seafood was pretty good. o except i didnt exactly make it that far. during appetizer i started feeling sooo sick ... watching dan eating the calamari? we wrapped up everything else and i came home and barfed. after that i felt better. i knew i didnt like seafood. i just knew it. cept maybe some sushi, lobster, and crab. having the lobster pasta for breakfast was mighty good. a public apology needs to be made because i ruined someone's dinner. im so sorry ... but i loved your surprises :) o i am definetly special ... to have you. and another apology to matt because we were supposed to go out bar hopping. stupid seafood. no worries because all mistakes and digested food in the toilet will be made up this saturday night !!

ps. hope everyone had a wonderful winter break !! i had delicious food, roadtrips to boyne, traverse city, frankenmuth, snowboarding, a bruised butt bone, and big jelly stomach to remember it all by ! fun stuff :D

mmm frankenmuth has the best chicken everr

eDit ... pics from sat nite
happy bdays rob + matt !!
these are the fob pics :D notice ting with her peace sign . hey we are cool too
couples: piper<3matt>my dan jamming food into his nose w rob's help
thanks for the drinks everyone !! but thanks most for coming to dinner !!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

yayee id like to thank my mommy today !
plus she called at exactly midnite from
work just to wish me a happy day ... and
that she got me *something from the internet.
thats like a huge step for her and my dad ...

and thank yous to those of you who
stayed up past your bedtime and all those
messages and emails, i felt like this :*)