Wednesday, August 30, 2006

its a small world after all ... dang u hipaa...

~yesterday night i finally broke through with a really tough cookie patient. she is labile, paranoid, and irritable. very agitated at times. she has attempted to hurt my feelings many times over and i have walked away many times from her. i don't know how but we sat down and really conversed with one another for the first time since admission. it surprised me that there was an actual compassionate human being under all the profane and hostile behavior. perhaps this was just a small break in the middle of a storm. maybe i was just in the eye of it. but that glimpse of who she is or who she used to be reaffirmed my hope for her. and even more importantly reminded me "Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill. yes sir.

i am about to attempt a 9 day stretch of work starting tomorrow.
sigh. wipeout. please let there be no full moons ...

Friday, August 25, 2006

happy 40 months! have fun in vegas hoonie :D

Friday, August 04, 2006

brittle diabetics scare me.

here is my night with 1/6 patients: normal CBG 70 - 110 ..

@1700 CBG 352 - 8 units per sliding scale
@2000 CBG 452 - 12 units per sliding scale & 35 units scheduled lantus
@2151 CBG 399 - 6 units per sliding scale
@0000 CBG 115 - pt begins bottoming out as result of lantus
@0010 - stuff sandwich in patients mouth and make her eat to keep up CBG
... when she woke up in the am her CBG was 47.

wtf!!! and the last eve i had her she was up to 569 ! o and she came into the ER with a CBG of 16. hooray for discharge tomorrow :)

*edit . boo. she is not leaving until monday so i had her again last night. but guess whaaat! first CBG of the night was 150 and she received noooo cover! i was so happy and excited that i paged the doc with the news with lots of !!!!! it was actually low bc i ended up babysitting her and bugging her for three hours not to snack before dinner. but then i had to see the other patients so the second one of the night was 313. still under 400 woohoo! which means we did not have to draw any blood. literally :D damn it feels good to be a gansta !

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i gotta beta. his name is joey and he is a mix of blue and red!
i do not have a green thumb. my cosomos sprouted then died.
this has been a quick update.