Thursday, March 18, 2004

hello all . wow i just completed my 9 hour day of school . phew . sooo tired . i have an exam on monday . then tuesday . then two on wednesday. omg . i dunno why our profs are so cruel to us . overload . anywho ... for clinical next semester i get to do psych/med-surg unit with my nursing girls yayee . next up is maternity/peds . i dunno .. psychos and crazy pregnant women . either way it'll be a very interesting funfilled next semester . if i ever get there ! oh and for clinical injections on wednesday i get to be injected with saline by a real live pointy needle ... with me pal laura giving me the shot . im freaked . partly because i need to stick her with a needle to pass too . surely i'll luck out with a intramuscular injection ... a long ass needle long enough to reach past the lard and into the muscles . eep ! dont worry i'll need this practice to stick all of you *safely later on in life ;) i can't wait to do some real IV work !!!!
thats all folks.
and here are some pictures from us to you . i wanted to take one of elena
too but since she wouldnt stop talking during dinner i completely forgot to . hmph ;)

(1) nicolyn & tasha (such a CUTE picture !!! i was excited :D )
(2) me & laura (heterosexual partners for life <3)>
. thunderclap and rock out .

Monday, March 15, 2004

starsky & hutch . *hehe* "do it . do it ."

i liked it quite a lot. went to see passion too ... hm. it was very drawn out. i thought it would be more spiritually moving. instead it was just painful to watch. i was moved (cried like a baby) by a couple scenes but not inspired by the movie at all. wow what was going on with that satan aspect ... that was freaky. demented babies and children !! sort of disappointed overall. at the end when everyone was leaving it was like a funeral procession out of the theatre. quite uncanny ... everyone except for two people obessing about how large their sodapop was . boy did i have to pee .

on another note from watching bill maher : i dont understand why martha stewart's show was taken off the air. so what if she was found guilty of insider stock tips ... does this take away the taste of her delicious cupcakes? or negatively influence the way she glues pinecones together for home decores? if anything her show would be much more interesting broadcasted live from jail . go on martha . you crazy woman.