Thursday, April 15, 2004

i feel like ddr bunny

doing great in all my classes
but all it takes is that one class
the one step ...
to mess it all up.

thank you pharmacology.

during clinicals at the V.A. hospital everyone realizes how wonderful we have it. just to be able to walk around without gasping for breath or confined to a bed and being able to enjoy a nice hot shower without freaking out about falling and cracking your head open or not having full range of motions to even brush your own stinking teeth. its really nice well not ... nice .. hm .. but lucky that i have this reminder so often. its definetly going into good use. nothing finishes off your day better when your patient compliments on how well you cared for them and that someday a great nurse is going to be the end result :D but not until i conquer the world of pharm !!! o i'll be working at St. Joseph for the summertime! so if you happen to be there i hope it's just to visit me :) free bandaids & cottonballs for you !
gluck on finals !!!!
especially but not limited to my nursing ladies <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

today when i tried to buy some barley chicken soup at zoup!
i got carded for having a credit card ...
"wow i didn't think you were that old. you seriously look like 12."
well i couldnt tell if the cashier was a guy or girl. so screw you!
i was wearing literally scrubs because we had just got back
from the hospital. whyee would i be a 12 year old wearing scrubs?!
yea. reverse those numbers mister.
you d o p e.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

04.09.04 ~ happy 22nd daniel :D the night before his actual bday we surprised him w a pre birthday dinner @ outback then went to rick's to celebrate . thanx for all the free drinks ting & yosuke !!
joanna : dan : steve : hong-fei : matt : yosuke : atsushi ben : me

the next night we went out to dinner at gratzi's .
it was soo crowded from easter but we got a booth seating yayee !
my dinner had a pine tree in it ...

i loooove yoooou byunhoonie<3

im so lucky to be able to celebrate
your birthday with you
for the second time around :D