Wednesday, September 07, 2005

.:.:. chiCago .::..:::.
labor day weekend me and the dude went to viist his mom in kenosha WI with christine and travis. Kenosha is only an hour away from chicago and 2 hr by cheapo train. we headed to chicago everyday during the trip. so convenient and the weather was fabulous the entiiire vacation.

after the trainride there was a cabride to breakfast on roscoe st. yumm green eggs & ham! yay rachel ray from the food network ate here too !

wearing traditional outfits while playing asian instruments outside of shedd aquarium. pay close attention. EVERY SINGLE weirdo in this frame is white. errr ?

up above crabs have cute ponytails. my favorite are the two last pics below of the sea purple apples. they do look like a good fruit to eat. i probably would have tasted one if no one had discovered it as a coral . the first pic is a brainy fish. all the goldfishes had bubbles on the head and they were humongous.

while on the water taxi we spotted the chicao police smack down on this "family" stashing crack crack crack cocaine in their offspring's lifejackets . tsk tsk .

water taxi from shedd aquarium ^ to navy pier

^ navy pier .. twas windy in the city ^

dan and me watched the labor day fireworks up high from the ferris wheel at the pier. twas romantic. the first pic down below was taken outside of the planetarium where we had just watched two shows. headed for chinatown afterwards and had the best dinner at Joylee's. we also ate at this super spicy thai restaurant on 11 E. illinois st. i liked the atmosphere and decor very much . chicago and kenosa are a good balance of a beautiful small town by the harbor and the big bountiful city. dan's momma was an incredibly amaaazing hostess and i felt very loved and happy. thank you LEEEEEEE family! hahahha like tai on house makeover show. seriously? i give this trip an A+ . when can i go back?

til next time kids its the end !