Thursday, March 23, 2006

well hello & i hope you've all been well . im nearing the end of my college career and the stress just seems to mount with each week . stress from projects, papers, friends, and worrying about the future . i esp do not need the added stress of drama amonst my small and incredibly close ring o friends . there is one individual who specializes in fiascos and mischief . it is difficult to be friendly with her not because our personalities conflict, in fact they mesh pretty well, but it is because her values, belief system, and especially her actions are not in harmony with mine . total avoidance and uninvolvement is not an option since the others in the group are "friendly" with her although they also share my same opinions . so inevitably she must be in close vicinity of me ... most of the times . and it irritates my mood ... all of the times . in addition to the drama she causes (which inevitably falls on me like a domino effect and this has been a no fail outcome despite my attempts at avoidance) , it irks and frustrates me that others continue this unhealthy relationship . i do not believe in leading people on whether romantically or friendtically. and i never play imaginary friends . it is unfair to all subjected parties and most unfair to the one with the blanket over his or her eyes . what time is it? it is most definetly time to wake up and smell the war of the roses .

Thursday, March 09, 2006

today my graduation present is finally official and i am so happy to shout at the top of my lungs MY FIRST PLACE ! mind you i am the co-owner and responsible for paying off the place too but it would NOT have been possible without the help of my parents. and plus plus plus to make life even more wonderful my bestest nursing chica has also secured an official position TODAY on my very unit. we will be together forever!!! OMG ITS GOING TO BE INSANE. pun heavily intended. pictures to come soon :D and a belated birthday shoutout to my cousin charlene in taiwan!!!