Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

so me and my pal were talking about that new show "Daybreak" where the basis of the show is that the day repeats over and over again for this dude. well . i already feel like that happens to me everyday. and would it really be SOO bad to repeat the day over? i feel that that would give me free reign on anything i wanted to do. i could go to france in a day. but then i guess i would never make it to taiwan. which would be really sad. but it would give me a chance just to see how much i could get away with everyday. if i were tested i would do more bad than good just for fun of course. human nature right? well for right now nurture is what's keeping me in good control. sometimes i wish i could just speak my mind as is or scream and act irrational w/out any consequences. that repeated days stuff sounds good to me bc with it comes fresh starts. i can't really think of anything bad in repeating days. i have nothing to complain about in my humdrum life ... o my lord is this really all there is ??? i want to go jump out of a plane. i want to fire a gun. i want to go deep sea diving. i want to be lost on an island. but i bet i will do none. humdrum. what i need to do is stop watching movies and tv.