Saturday, August 09, 2003

i dunno whether to pass out from tiredness
or from being so nicely shocked by this city/provident/whatever!
its just so nice here and everythings beautiful! i cant take my
eyes off the scenery ... at night there're lights everywhere!
we're riding in the sky with shooting stars by our side.
today i'll just cut it short and update later with loads of pics!
capilan suspension bridge - felt like an ant

chinatown - bums everywhere. strangely i felt at home.
stanely park - goodness. i love it. beaches.
huge pool with the mountains and ocean as backdrop.
aquarium. long booty slide in the middle of the ocean u swim to.
night market - hellooo taiwan ... cept jane and me couldnt bargain for poo
shop shop shop at richmond mall

met up w curtis and had a blast catching up
nostalgia = cured

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

heads up !

seeing the best of vancouver and whatever else canadia has to offer ...
but vancouver wont be seeing the best of michigan :*(
i miss my lovepimple so bad ... already!
during our lunchtime this wave of homesickness struck me. and i was
really confused because my whole family plus grandma in tow are all
with me on this trip. then i realized the one person who makes it home
for me anywhere everyday ... i love you dan <3>province.
we ate at a lil restaurant called taipei tokyo <- hm or was it the other way around? my mom's friend (my auntie) filled us up with boats of sushi, sushimi, handrolls, unmentionables, and these fried tofu cubes you dunk into spice sauce .. its like stinky tofu cept w/out the stinky! i can sense disappointment from those of you let down with the missing smell :p so this auntie of mine is apparently blessedly talented .. she makes these gorgeous pictures out of flowers. she shapes flowers and leaves into a tiger or a picture of fishes underwater ... whatever she feels like making a painting of. we just gasped and drooled. and only to drool more over her cooking. she even makes her own wine! you get the gist of it. i feel like im in taiwan all over again! its wonderful ... jane is also disoriented. so many fobby asians! hahaha. and they all dye their 5 year old kiddie's hair. is this a new fad? hm. it most def. makes them look half. my auntie's two little boys i saw two yrs ago in taiwan ... have grown so much. the oldest one opened his mouth and this low rumbling of a syllable came out. i nearly fell over. they're both super nice tho and finally out of the shell! no more antisocialness! def trying to go surfing for the life of me. hehe and now i will go join the wine festivities! boobies

Sunday, August 03, 2003

some experiences ::rainfalls::bedrooms::moments live within each taken breath.
lately ive been hit with a feeling that has become so difficult to describe.
hmm i suppose the closest explaination and solution --> one time machine please.
in an effort to live and live again ...
every summer for the rest of my life ...
will i continue to have this desperate longing and nostalgia for the past?
loveboat was supposed to be only and just one
shallow happy fickle summertime in taiwan ..
in countless ways it was ...
but not enough to outweigh the once in a lifetime memories shared.
people from all over the many states + our one world.
there are priceless hours i would do twice over
and many others erase altogether.
then there are those moments forever cherished in thought.
one year later and i stay up to wonder
why it is beginning now to actually hurt not to be where i was just a short yesterday ago?